Guided Learning

What parents are saying (update)

What our customers say

“Visual charts are absolutely amazing for children who struggle with verbal prompts and these charts from guided learning are outstanding. They allow flexibility so that you can change the order of things, really high quality materials and clear for children to see. As an early years teacher for many years they are a fantastic product to use from home as well as in day care and have worked a treat for me!”

Nanny Claire

“The charts were so helpful for getting my kids out the door in the morning! They also took the pressure off me repeating myself all the time! The girls find it fun and get rewarded at the end of the week. Such a great idea.”

Ali De Vos

“These charts simplify a morning routine and allow the kids to easily manage their responsibilities. Especially for my younger children, having the consistent routine has decreased fights and made it a much smoother transition to school.”

Dr Rebecca Spicer