Going Out

The Going Out routine helps get the kids out of the door easier. It also encourages them to think ahead about their day and take responsibility for their own needs. Whether it be for school or going out for the day.The beautifully illustrated options include jackets, hats, bags, swimmers and so much more. The Going Out routine can be tailored to your specific needs as the picture cards are removable, making it very versatile. 

  • The Going Out routine includes a set of beautifully illustrated laminated picture cards
    - 19 different going out options
    -  2 x blank picture cards (to create your own options)
  • Reward cards (ie: smiley face) once steps are completed
  • Contains a Going Out routine chart (laminated) that displays an 8 card sequence with a magnet attached to the back
  • Everything is contained in a ready to use pack for easy storage (velcro dots included)


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